Do it well

NexOpen Project is the culmination of a hard work focussed on quality of development. NexOpen project consists on a powerful jEE development framework, on a set of tools for Eclipse IDE, and a complete a easy to follow work methodology.

Several studies point between 50 and 70% of IT projects don’t reach the customer’s expectations. Only a 30% of success! There are several factors to consider that may make a project to fail. From human and non-human resources, to impossible-to-implement features, lack of budget, or too optimistic death lines. One of the constants on IT services companies is the recurrent resources rotation. It is very costly to train a developer and then leave it away.

NexOpen team members have lived all these different experiences, and have got these conclusions:

  • To avoid to repeat common developments, use a fully-featured framework.
  • To avoid to high cost of a training, use easy-to-use tools.
  • To avoid the leak of knowledge, share it among others.

NexOpen Project consists on a compilation of tools, frameworks and methodologies that have showed to be useful success complex IT projects. Just use them, it’s easy, it’s safe, it’s profitable.